My mission is to help people connect what they do with what they love.

Build your mindset ⎜ take massive action ⎜ love the process
You can’t lose if you bet on yourself.

Here are 3 ways I can help you with

The Underdog newsletter

Every week I send out a newsletter where I dive deep into challenges we are all facing and share how you can tackle them. I always include examples and hacks to take action. I want to be a positive voice that cheers for you on your journey of building the self you love.

Consulting & mentoring

I offer mentoring / consulting sessions where we go through the challenges you are facing and find solutions for you to implement. If you feel stuck, this will be the first step forward. From marketing strateg and personal branding, to helping you lunch a product. I offer a fresh perspective and 8+ years of accumulated practical knowledge.

My YouTube channel
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From the underdog podcast & educational clips to my story. Check it out and subscribe if you like my content.